By My Side_Studio II Proposal

A game the player never win. Recently, many news reported on youngsters committed suicide. I was shocked by its high frequency. In fact, the problem of children and adolescent suicide is a worldwide topic under modernization. Here, I would not blame anybody because everyone will be died, sooner or later. I just want to emphasis the importance of companion and relationship. Maybe to listen someone talking is nothing to you, but for the speaker is everything at that moment. So, that is the reason why I want to make a game called by my side.


照片 15-3-16 16 18 43

character design

The game is about finding the water to rescue the seed in the dark. Player should follow the light to find the seed first, and than the sound of river running will be shown up. Player can choose pick up the seed or not.

Processed with Rookie Cam

sketches for probable 1: player finds the water for the seed solitary, when he back, the seed is dead because of thirsty.

Processed with Rookie Cam

sketches for probable 2: player picks up the seed and finds the water together with it.They enter a colorful world with fireflies and flower. However, the seed is dead and gone even the player find the river because of thirsty.


Lost Tracks(iOS Game), chapter 1 using light to follow; chapter 2 using sound to follow

The Monsters | 怪物之门 Tinybop × Tianhua Mao, color

blender modeling character design and than put it in Unity, tutorial video




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