Fight against Yourself-相由心生

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think about.–Buddha ( 境由心轉,相由心生。)

Video likes a mirror, but not only a mirror. Like the meaning of multimedia artist Nam June Paik’s video work with the Buddha watching himself. I think video is a bridge connected with present and past. We are taking now, but for showing past. Even in real time, the taker and the shower is different. The Time machine project from Osamu Sahara is a good example for showing time and memory delay.

For me, I want to use the video as a magic mirror with reflection thoughts. Not to reflect the real images but for the feelings. The project is called Fight against Yourself, which means the interaction asking the visitor to say something to the camera.When you watching the camera, your image is showing on the screen. Images actually will be change with your sound. Smaller the voice you are, more complicated and frighten your portrait will be. If you shout loudly, you can see your portrait more clear and simple.

The software I will use MAX/MASP ( Jitter / Martix, etc.)


1.Atom-Strom (circle effects)

2.BOSOZOKU-DUB-Russell × Yasuyuki Yoshida  (delay, mirror,blur effects)



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